Oil Tank Installs

March 2, 2020

To avoid the issues of an underground tank, a new tank can be installed above ground. A tank is classified as above ground when all parts are above ground and seeable. The tank should be on a solid concrete surface, whether it is inside or outside at the owner's discretion. With these in play it easier to make inspections and keep up with maintenance.

Common spots for an oil tank are:

● Basements

● Garages

● Outside of the home

Oil tank installation will take place prior to removal of the old oil tank. The installation is a smooth process for professionals and should take no more than three or four hours. During installation a contractor will connect the new pipes to the furnace. New piping may need to be installed. Which in itself is simple. Once the process has been completed, check to make sure that your heat and hot water are working properly.

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